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Deep Value Finder

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Don't waste time looking at price charts. The best returns come from a diversified portfolio of stocks that are cheap according to common metrics like EBIT/EV and P/E. Deep Value Finder provides lists of the best stock values according to these metrics, as well as an intrinsic value based on projected discounted cash flow, a convenient reference to the core fundamentals for all companies and portfolio tracking based on both prices and business results.We list the cheapest stocks according to:
--Intrinsic value estimated with our discounted cash flow projections (this is our favorite and only available from our site and app) --Highest Assets to Price--Lowest Price / Earnings--Highest EBIT/EV (the best technique according to Quantitative Value--Highest Dividend Yield
We also provide easy access to the most important company fundamentals. If you hear about an interesting company, you can understand its financial performance and position much faster using Deep Value Finder than trying to read one of the big finance web pages from your phone or tablet or waiting until you are back in front of a computer.
Fundamentals available include--Five years worth of data for most companies (three in portrait).--Per share and total values.--Income values such as revenue, interest expense, operating income, pre-tax income, net income, and depreciation.--Cash flow values such as owner earnings (free cash flow), capital expense, dividends and retained earnings.--Balance sheet values such as assets, net assets, outstanding and diluted shares, current assets, cash, inventory, property, goodwill, intangible assets, long-term debt and total liabilities.--Key ratios such as return on equity, return on tangible equity, return on assets, return on sales and debt to equity.
We also include the current price and the percentage by which we think the company is discounted or overpriced by the market right now.
Our new portfolio tracking includes the usual lists of stocks and prices as well as unique
Using all this data you can find deep value stocks and make better investment decisions for your portfolio.
We love hearing from our customers, so feel free to contact us anytime!